Tree Trimming High River

Tree Trimming for High River Area

Trimming your Trees Keeps them Healthy.

Tree Trimming and pruning is actually good for you trees and shrubs, if it is done correctly.  It helps maintain its health and can promote directional growth.  Plus, it maintains your trees aesthetics and is visibly appealing.  It can also be a safety issue as well. 

Removal of any low-hanging branches, split or broken branches, or those nasty snapping branches that can act like a whip, is actually a safe thing to do.  Removing them before they come down and cause any damage to property or person. 
Keep walkways, sidewalks, doorways, and even parking areas free of overgrowth from trees.  Be sure to provide space for people, vehicles, etc to be able to pass by without having to deal with contacting branches or twigs. 

Trees that are near road ways should be trimmed so that the tree branches are not impacting visibility for any drivers or pedestrians.  Some jurisdictions can levy substantial fines for not observing this safety concern.

​For the health of the tree, you will want to remove any dead or diseased branches.  Also remove any damaged limbs due to storms or similar kinds of trauma.  

When to Trim your Trees

Regular trimming and pruning can also influence future growth of trees and shrubs.  Pruning stops the growth from that area and promotes growth in another.  You can basically train a tree to grow in a way that will support its structure and make it stronger to withstand extreme weather and weight.

There is no one season that a tree can be trimmed.  There are differences in the seasons for the trees, however.  Spring and late Fall or Winter are optimal.  The trees in the Spring will just be coming out of their dormant status and new growth will be on the way.  If you trim the trees during this time, the new growth can be redirected.  For flowering trees, it is best to wait until after the flowering stage to do any pruning.  Pruning in the summer, when there is less growth activity, can help if you are trying to thin out the tree or shrub.  With the foliage present, you can then see what areas you want to thin out and how it will affect the aesthetics then and there.  Be aware that any early frost could cause damage to the cut areas. 

Contacting an Arborist will help determine what the correct season to do tree trimming is, based on the type of tree and the intended reasons for the trimming or pruning. 

If you are wanting to get your trees trimmed, or have questions regarding the tree that you have, feel free to reach out to us.  We are always open to discussing your trees.  And helping answer any questions you may have about them or their overall health.  If you are noticing issues with their structure or concerned about changes in their condition, we are here to help diagnose any issues and make suggestions.  We can also provide you with a no-obligation quote for services. 

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Tree Trimming for High River