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Stump Removal for High River Area

Don't be stumped about a Tree Stump.

Once the decision has been made to remove a tree, what are you going to do about the stump that remains?  Does it have to be removed or can it remain in place?

You can leave the stump that is left behind in the ground.  It will eventually die and decay over time.  But this also causes an environment for pests and disease to flourish.  It is really a good idea to remove the stump to ensure that other plants and trees are not affected by its deterioration.  Plus, a stump sitting in the middle of your nicely landscaped yard can be an eye sore.  It also causes issues when you are trying to mow the lawn in the vicinity of the stump.  You will have to be mindful of damaging the mower if you come to close to any roots.  They can really cause potential harm to both you and your mower.

You have to remember that there will be a whole network of roots that are left behind along with the stump.  Depending on the age of the tree, these roots can span a scope of 4 to 12 feet easily.  Trying to replant around these roots can be a problem.  

You can opt to have the full stump and the roots removed.  This involves an excavation of the area around the tree stump and it’s accompanying roots.  Digging down under the root structure allows for the removal of the existing system.  This does leave a hole that eventually you will want to fill.  But this allows for the area to be replanted, without running into any issues with old roots.

Stump Grinding for High River

Another option is to have the stump ground down.  Stump grinding is a lot quicker and easier than digging up the whole stump and roots.  Arborists use a piece of equipment that shreds the stump down to wood chips.  The wood chips can be collected and used as landscaping material in flower beds or other such things.  The only downside to this method of stump grinding is that it leaves the roots in tact.  This could leave a tripping hazard in and around the area still.  The roots will eventually decay and dissolve into the soil but this can take 10 years or more to happen.  Also, replanting in the area is difficult because of the roots that still remain.

Quite often the decision between the two methods may come down to what plans for the area you have for the future.  If planting is involved, it may be best to remove the stump and roots completely.

​If you would like to discuss stump removal or stump grinding, feel free to reach out to us.  We can discuss in more detail the two different methods.  And provide guidance to you on the two choices and what fits best for the future plans you have for the area.  You can reach out and call us at 587.801.5588 for Stump Removal.  Or if you would prefer to communicate via email, you can complete the web form on this site and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can trust our experience and knowledge to offer you the best solution based on your needs.
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