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Tree Maintenance Services for Okotoks and surrounding area

An intricate element in our surroundings are our trees.

We appreciate the beauty of nature and all that it brings to our day to day lives.  Having a beautiful surrounding lends to a peaceful and content sense of being.  And taking care of our trees is important to maintain those surroundings.

All trees need to have maintenance done to keep them healthy and thriving.  Our professional arborist services offer the right treatment for your trees.  We are trained in the areas of tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and overall health of your trees.

When you are in need of an arborist, we come to you!  We are always on the go!  With well equipped equipment, you will find us in most communities in and around southern Alberta.  Residential Tree Service or Commercial Tree Service.  It doesn't matter.  When you have a tree in need, we will be there!
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We offer the following Tree Services

We are proud to provide the following services to Okotoks, Alberta and surrounding communities.
Tree Trimming Okotoks

Tree Trimming Okotoks

When you have trees that are overgrown, it is healthy to get them trimmed back.  Not only for the tree, but also for safety reasons as well.  Falling branches or limbs can be a significant concern to people within the vicinity of the occurrence.  You can also direct the growth of the tree away from any obstacle or structure.  Proper trimming can help "train" your tree in the direction of new growth.
Tree Removal Okotoks

Tree Removal Okotoks

We usually don't want to have to remove a tree but, if it is has disease, and it's the last option, we do. 
But we also will remove trees at the owner's request.  We understand that landscaping changes may be wanted and the tree may be in the way.  We can help suggest transplanting it elsewhere, if applicable.  Or if it just needs to be removed, we can handle that safely for you.
Stump Removal Okotoks

Stump Grinding Okotoks

Grinding a stump down is a quicker method of removing the remaining stump.  Using special equipment, the stump above the surface is reduced to wood chips and can be used for other landscaping projects.  This method does still leave the root system in place.  Eventually, these roots will dissolve back into the ground.  But this does take numerous years to happen.

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